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Today most businesses, whether large or small, cannot function without their electronic data. Critical data loss is expensive and can often seriously threaten the continued stability of your business – unless you take steps to prepare for a potential disaster. Protection of critical and compliance data is vital in today’s business environment. Recent studies have shown that there is a 100 percent certainty of losing critical data at least once in a 5-year period. 

An essential component of any well-grounded disaster recovery program includes the backing up of data and storing it off-site for immediate recovery if and when a disaster occurs.


Sugar House Archives & Shred can help with these concerns. Our off-site media vault is ideally equipped to handle computer backup tapes, media tapes, surveillance video, vital records, film, source code, and original intellectual property.


Your important data should not be left susceptible to the elements or out in the open. The only safe and secure business practice is to ensure that your vital data is stored professionally.



Sugar House Archives & Shred’s media storage vault is modern, secure, and dedicated exclusively to computer media. Sugar House Archives & Shred offers the ultimate in high security and design. Some features are:


  • Controlled access.

  • Card access control system.

  • Digitally recorded video surveillance on media vault.

  • Fire-resistant media vault.

  • 4-hour fire rated vault.

  • Fire detection with Halon suppression system.

  • Fire and security systems monitored 24 hours a day by a manned central station.

Environment Controls


Sugar House Archives & Shred provides off-site storage of micrographic and magnetic media in our media vault. The AES, ANSI, NARA, and SMPTE standards committees recognize acceptable temperatures between 68 and 76 degrees and humidity between 30 and 55 percent. The equipment in our vault is set to operate within temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees and humidity between 40 and 42 percent. Our vault is maintained well within the range of the committee’s standards.


  • No water sprinklers in vault.

  • Temperature and humidity controlled environment, ensuring longevity of your media.

  • Fire, smoke, and water all monitored 24/7.

Media Slot Rotation Storage


  • Barcoding of all items circulated.

  • Barcode scan verification.

  • Individual slot storage location.

  • Rotation of microfilm, microfiche, master production tapes, computer diskettes, computer tapes, CDs, DVDs, and removable servers.

  • Printed receipts of items scanned at time of delivery and/or pick-up.

  • All activities are time and date stamped.

Media Case Rotation Storage

  • Barcoding of all case(s) circulated.

  • Barcode scan verification.

  • Case(s) storage location.

  • Printed receipts of case(s) scanned at time of delivery and/or pick-up.

  • All activities are time and date stamped.


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