Shredding Containers

Security Console

Most commonly used, our conveniently sized, cleverly shaded, and appealingly designed 32-gallon security console is an ideal option for many businesses. This stylish security console provides the unparalleled security your business demands by incorporating a secured locking receptacle for your discarded documents. This unit will hold between 75-100 pounds of sensitive documents.

19″ W x 16″ D x 35″ H

Security Bin

Our large wheeled security bin is the perfect fit for busy offices. Offering large storage volume and a pleasing, mobile device, our 64-gallon security bin will store your documents safely. This full security bin holds between 150-200 pounds of sensitive documents. Its contents can be shredded either at your business or at our shredding facility. In either case the contents will be destroyed by an automated process, eliminating the need for the material to be handled or sorted by human hands. There is no need to remove staples or paper clips.

29″ W x 23 ½” D x 39″ H

Personal Desk Unit

With a holding capacity of 20-25 pounds, the 9-gallon personal desk unit is an excellent alternative to our traditional security console, especially where space is a concern. This personal desk unit is secure, durable, attractive, space saving, and can always be within arm’s reach. It is also great to use in a more centralized area such as beside a photocopier or fax machine for easy disposal of unneeded, confidential documents.

12″ W x 13 ¼ ” D x 16 ¾ ” H

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