Retrieval & Delivery

Access to your records is vital to the success of your business. Some documents and files may be handled daily while other, more inactive records may be accessed less frequently but still require rapid retrieval. Eliminating the time and resources required to locate and retrieve files allows your organization to focus on its core competencies.

Sugar House Archives & Shred’s retrieval and delivery services provide assurance and peace of mind that your documents and files are available to you at a moment’s notice.

Combined with our secure off-site record storage, you will achieve a comprehensive management solution for your files and documents.

Each carton consigned to Sugar House Archives & Shred’s records center is assigned a unique barcode label and shelf location, allowing for quick retrieval of requested items. A secure web portal in our automated inventory tracking system gives our clients the ability to make requests online and view the retrieval and delivery status of their records in real time.

Once a carton or file is requested, we utilize Symbol wireless barcode scanners to validate the item’s status within our inventory tracking system. Requested items are then placed in a secure vehicle and delivered to the authorized requester by one of our professional couriers. An electronically generated receipt is emailed to the recipient, confirming delivery.

Sugar House Archives & Shred maintains a strict chain of custody throughout the retrieval and delivery process to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of your records.

We have several service options to meet the time-sensitive needs of your requests, including next day, same day, and rush two-hour delivery. Your records can be retrieved and delivered 24/7, 365 days a year.

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