Photos, Negatives & Slides

Want to send a photo to a large group of people? Looking for quick access to your photos no matter where you are? While physical photos are wonderfully nostalgic and excellent for at home viewing, they’re anything but convenient. Sugar House offers high quality photo, negative and slide scanning services that deliver digital files in any format you request.

Get A Competitive Price

Take a look at our rates for Photos, Negatives And Slides Scanning:

All Scanning Jobs Have A Minimum Charge of $25.00.

Photos, Negatives And Slides Scanning

Our photo scanning prices vary widely according to preparation and the quality of output you need:

  • Tier 1
    As low as $0.35 per photo. You bring the photos to us, sorted by size and orientation, and all photos will be scanned at 300 DPI.
  • Tier 2
    As low as $0.65 per photo. Bring your photos to us. There is no need for sorting of any kind – we keep everything in order and rotate images as needed. All photos are scanned at 600 DPI.
  • Tier 3
    As low as $1.65 per photo. Older Photos often fade or their coloring is off. This might be because of the camera that was used or issues that arose during film development. Our Tier 3 service scans these photos at 600 DPI and our professional staff spends up to 3 minutes per photo to enhance its quality and appearance as much as possible in that timeframe. This is a great option for old, damaged or scratched photos.
  • Photo Repair
    Charged at $45.00 per hour. For seriously damaged photos, we offer high quality scanning and photo repair. Each photo is given whatever amount of time is needed to achieve the best possible image quality, including corrections for water damage, color fading, tears, scratches, etc. (Most photos average 30 minutes.)
  • Negatives And Slides
    $0.65 to $1.65 per negative or slide. The price ranges according to the current condition of your negatives and slides, and we pay particular attention to dirt buildup.

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