Legal Scanning

For a busy legal professional such as yourself, when you make the decision to work with a scanning service, you want to feel comfortable and confident that you’re in good hands. At Sugar House we offer litigation services and advanced optical character recognition (OCR) software. We’re able to quickly and effectively index any legal documents and then save them in a format that allows for easy searching, viewing and printing. Our available file formats are wide ranged and can be stored on a flash drive, DVD or securely and easily accessible through our online repository.

Get A Competitive Price

Take a look at our rates for Legal Scanning:

All Scanning Jobs Have A Minimum Charge of $25.00.

Legal Scanning – $0.10 to $0.17 per image

We can come directly to your office, or you can bring your documents to us – whatever you prefer. Take note of the fact that if over 20% of your documents are dirty, bent, reassembled, water damaged, very small (such as receipts), cardstock color vs. grayscale, have OCR (optical character recognition), or have many staples in them, then it’s likely that your price will be higher. Sugar House can provide precise costs to you once we see your documents in person.

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