Hardcopy FAQs

1. Can I use my boxes for storage or must my files be placed in Sugar House Archives boxes?

You can use your own boxes for storage as long as they are industry standard sized. Today, most companies use a legal/letter container that measures 15”x12”x10”. Other industry standard sizes are also acceptable and available from Sugar House Archives & Shred.

2. What is the cost for storage?

Sugar House Archives & Shred prides itself on maintaining competitive pricing without sacrificing service to its clients. Cost for storage of hardcopy records varies according to the number of boxes being stored, length of the contract, delivery/pick-up schedule, and ancillary services. Clients who utilize InfoKeeper™, Sugar House Archives & Shred’s powerful web access software, receive the added benefit of reduced service fees. For a custom quote based on your specific needs – not a rate card – contact a Sugar House Archives & Shred sales representative at (801) 487-0176.

3. How secure are my records?

From beginning to end, Sugar House Archives & Shred provides the highest level of security. Records are transported in market, cell phone-equipped vehicles by our professional, bonded couriers. The records center facility is equipped with an industry-specific fire detection and sprinkler system. In addition, points of entry are compartmentalized for secure exit and entry and are monitored by date and time-stamped video and security systems 24/7/365.

4. Can my records be easily located?

Using the latest barcode technology, Sugar House Archives & Shred will locate, retrieve, and deliver any requested record within 120 minutes for emergency requests. Non-emergency requests are provided same-day or next-day delivery depending on client requirements. Each time the record is touched it is barcode-scanned, providing a date, time, location, and employee history. This ensures accuracy, efficiency, and accountability at each point of movement.

5. How do I request files/boxes?

You can gain access to your account information with InfoKeeper™, Sugar House Archives & Shred’s powerful client-driven software. This easy-to-use software program allows you to conduct searches and queries, perform data entry, create reports, process items for destruction, and much more. Requests for service are transmitted via the web to the records center, automatically generating a work order or an order for service. And, of course, a service request can always be made by contacting one of our customer service representatives.

Media Vault FAQs

1. What can I store in the media vault?

Items suitable for storage in our media vault include data tapes, microfiche, microfilm, CDs, sensitive documents, or any other type of media that demands the highest level of temperature and humidity controls to maintain its longevity.

2. What security and protection does the media vault offer?

Sugar House Archives & Shred’s media vault is monitored 24/7/365 by an off-site centralized man station. It is equipped with a Halon fire suppression system and employs redundant procedures to help maintain its temperature and humidity controlled environment. Our media vault is equipped with an electronic badge reader and access is controlled via video surveillance.

3. How accessible is my media?

Sugar House Archives & Shred’s management staff its operations 24/7/365. Courier service is available to suit your schedule, including night and weekend service. Rapid emergency delivery service is also available 24/7/365.

4. Is pick-up and delivery of my media secure?

From pick-up to delivery at our facility, your records are provided the highest level of security. Our professional, bonded couriers pick up your records and transport them to our facility in marked vehicles. Designed for the safe and secure transportation of your records, they are equipped with cellular phones for efficient communication and secure transportation of your vital information.

Destruction / Shredding FAQs

1. How is the material to be destroyed stored?

We provide secure destruction bins at no charge for placement at your location. These bins are removed and replaced with empty ones on a scheduled basis by our uniformed, bonded customer service representatives. This schedule is developed based on the volume of material to be destroyed. The full destruction bins are taken to our secure destruction facility, where the information is destroyed following strict guidelines.

2. How can I be sure my material is kept confidential until destroyed?

Sugar House Archives & Shred staff will never unlock the destruction bins until they are safely inside our secure facility. The facility itself is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via closed circuit surveillance. There is a monitored security system in place, as well as a locked door policy.

3. Do you perform background checks of your employees?

Yes, a thorough background check is conducted for each Sugar House Archives & Shred employee, along with random drug testing. Additionally, employees must sign a confidentiality agreement.

4. How quickly is the material destroyed?

Material is destroyed within 24-72 hours of receipt at our facility. Once destroyed, a certificate of destruction is issued, upon request for bin rotations, and automatically for storage destruction.

5. How much does it cost to shred my material?

Our Drop Off Paper Shredding service has a minimum charge of $35.00. This covers the shredding of up to one Shred Bin of material. If you don’t have enough material to fill one Shred Bin, you may have 90 days to bring in more material up to where the shred bin would have been full at no additional charge.

Any other Shred Bin filled in addition to the first Shred Bin will be charge at $35.00 per Shred Bin.

Shred Bin Information
Capacity: 64 Gallons – Holds About 5 – 7 Banker Boxes (10″x12″x15″).
Weight Full: About 200 lbs.
Dimensions: 29″W x 23 ½”D x 39″H

Paper Drop Off Video
Visit the Drop Off Shredding page to view the paper drop off process.

6. What payment options do I have?

You may pay by cash, personal or business checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express.

Client Software FAQs

1. What is the key difference between InfoKeeper™ and InfoKeeper Plus™?

InfoKeeper™ provides clients with web access to their hardcopy and media records so they can initiate service requests, perform their own data entry, create reports, conduct customer searches, and so forth. InfoKeeper Plus™ expands upon these powerful features by providing clients with access to paper, media, and digital canned or imaged archived information assets – all from the same interface.

2. Would we be able to access InfoKeeper™ and InfoKeeper Plus™ from a Mac?

Because both software solutions are accessed via the web, they are easily reached from a Macintosh, PC, or any other computer platform equipped with a web browser.

3. How secure is access to our organization’s information?

InfoKeeper™ and InfoKeeper Plus™ utilize a variety of tools to provide maximum security, such as a 128-bit encryption, ensuring secure communication from the website to the user’s browser. Users are also required to pass through two login screens to gain access to data. Domain blocking and/or IP blocking is also in place, ensuring the software is only being accessed from within the organization rather than an outside workstation. Users can also be limited to certain days of the week, and/or certain times of day, providing an added measure of security.

4. We have multiple offices. Would our account information be accessible and manageable to all sites?

Yes, account information can be accessed and maintained from around the globe via our centralized database that interfaces with Visual Corporate Keeper®, Sugar House Archives & Shred’s state-of-the-art records center software.

5. Would our digital archives be stored on current media formats to ensure long-term accessibility?

Absolutely. InfoKeeper Plus™ ensures that your information is always stored on current technology and always accessible in viewable formats.

Digital Archiving FAQs

1. What are the advantages of digital archiving?

  • Reduced cost of storing documents
  • Faster retrieval of documents
  • Retrieval of documents from a web browser
  • Retrieval of document images to multiple workstations simultaneously
  • Ability to share documents
  • Ability to convert paper to information
  • Ability to export and fax images in a non-proprietary format

2. How are my scanned documents stored?

Sugar House Archives & Shred’s digital archiving solution is a hosted and fully managed solution. Hosted solutions offer large savings on equipment purchase and maintenance, and are worth considering for their immediate returns. Security is not an issue as the documents are hosted on secure servers and protected by SSL encryption as well as IP restrictions. The ongoing cost of compliant records retention is also lowered by up to 80 percent.

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