Facility Security & Safety

At Sugar House Archives & Shred’s document management center, you can rest assured knowing your document storage is being managed in a clean, organized, and secure environment.

We own the building and property, ensuring our ability to provide the highest level of maintenance and security. It also means that your records will not be moved due to problems such as lease expiration.
Before being hired, each employee has his or her background checked and undergoes a drug test. All employees must take Hippa Training, pass their test, and sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that your records are kept private.

In the warehouse, we use a 3-story mezzanine racking system and the majority of boxes are stored in a random placement plan (spread throughout the warehouse). There is no way someone could locate your documents without access to our secured software and data. The warehouse is also divided into eight fire compartments that are each separated by a firewall and equipped with automatic doors that close in case of an alarm. This feature helps to reduce overall damage in the unlikely event of a fire.

We take pride in providing the highest level of security to ensure the safest environment possible for your documents. The protection of your critical documents is our most important responsibility. We review this aspect of our operation on a constant basis. An off-site manned station monitors our security system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our fire suppression system is also monitored 24/7/365. Both of our fire and security protection systems are continuously tested and reviewed.

Only authorized personnel are allowed in our facility; any visitors or contractors are signed in and assigned a badge. They are then personally escorted at all times. Access to any of our buildings is controlled via access cards. Exterior doors are closed and locked at all times. All facilities maintain adequate outside lighting for security and safety.

Digital recording cameras are in place at key strategic points. Motion is recorded and archived in our secure media vault.

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