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Implementing and managing a regular backup schedule can be a daunting process. If tapes and disc drives left are left on-site, they run the risk of being mismanaged, stolen, or permanently damaged (if not kept in the proper environment). An inadequate backup solution may also put you in violation of regulatory standards.

Sugar House Archives & Shred’s e-vaulting services eliminate the risks associated with backing up data internally. We conduct remote, online backups of data after business hours, at which time the information is automatically sent to our electronic vault. Data is encrypted and secured through a network that has a number of built-in safety and security measures. In the event of a disaster and/or emergency restore, vital data can be rapidly deployed to any business location or hot site within hours.


Our data protection experts will work with you to help identify key data on your office network. The implementation process is managed without the investment of additional hardware. All that is required on your part is a secure online connection. Once key data has been identified we will remotely back up your data online during non-business hours and automatically send it to our electronic vault.


E-vaulting provides a cost-effective, reliable backup solution for the protection and preservation of your critical business data. Our professional data protection consultants will assist you with determining a backup schedule that best fits your business needs.


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