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Sugar House Archives & Shred offers our clients the convenience of managing their accounts online through InfoKeeper™ and InfoKeeper Plus™.

InfoKeeper™ is a highly advanced, configurable program that provides everything you need for effective document management and control. InfoKeeper™ provides clients with total control and access to their databases from anywhere in the world via a web server.

Introduced in 1997, InfoKeeper™ was the first Internet-based software of its kind for the industry and continues to be the most feature-rich product on the market.

Introduced in 2004, InfoKeeper Plus™ allows clients to access paper, media, and digitally scanned or imaged archived information assets – all from the same interface.

Performance features for these innovative client tools include:

  • Maximum security features including 128-bit encryption and domain and/or IP blocking.
  • Automated processes that reduce errors and streamline processes.
  • Centralized database providing access to account information from multiple sites.
  • Customized program to fit your needs.
  • Integrated report writer that enables creation of reports online for immediate viewing.
  • Data entry screens that can be customized to suit the specific needs of a client.
  • Box and file folders that allow clients to describe the stored materials in unlimited detail.
  • Customized searches that allow the user to query the database with as much or as little information as is known about the stored items.
  • Personalized reports that allow clients to specify fields desired and the order in which they are displayed. The reports may then be downloaded in several different file types.
  • Viewable retention schedules that enable clients to process destruction on time and maintain an efficient and accurate retention program.
  • Accessibility from any Internet-ready machine (PC, Mac, and Main Frame).
  • One point of access for all services, all locations, and all records centers.
  • Automated requests, re-files, permanent withdrawals, data entry, destruction, and more.
  • Ability to export your data in ASCH, Excel, Word, etc.
  • Worldwide retrieval.
  • Indefinitely-maintained transaction history.

These are just a few of the key features offered by InfoKeeper™ and InfoKeeper Plus™. For full details on how InfoKeeper™ and InfoKeeper Plus™ can work for you, please contact us by phone or fill out our form.

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