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Managing active files and documents can be a challenge for any business. Having immediate access may mean incurring the expense of additional office space to store files and documents. You must also spend the time and resources necessary to avoid misplacing and mismanaging files to meet regulatory compliance requirements. A better option for managing and retrieving your active files is a turnkey solution.


Sugar House Archives & Shred's file storage service will preserve and manage all of your active documents. Our secure records center is equipped with an inventory tracking system that facilitates the rapid retrieval and delivery of your files. A secure web portal enables you to manage and request your active files and provides you with a complete audit trail of your off-site inventory.


Each file is individually barcoded, assigned a unique shelf location, and tracked, thus ensuring your critical information is available at a moment’s notice. When requested, the file location is verified, the file barcode is scanned, and its status is automatically updated within our inventory tracking system. The file is then placed in a vehicle and delivered to the authorized requestor by our professional courier. You can choose next day, same day, or expedited two-hour delivery. We maintain a strict chain of custody throughout the retrieval and delivery process to ensure the security and privacy of your confidential information.


Sugar House Archives & Shred's active file storage provides you with a cost-effective and compliant solution for your active business documents.


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